Creativity can be trained — like a muscle, it strengthens with use.

We built Creative Everywhere to become more innovative at work and imaginative in our daily lives! With frequent creative thinking practice, we come up with a greater number of surprising ideas and notice more opportunities.

Join us for a short, daily workout!

Innovative breakthroughs are made possible by the thousands of small, wild, random, messy ideas along the way. Research shows that innovative thinkers made creativity a habit: they practiced generating ideas, switching perspectives, and trying new things every day.

When could you practice creative thinking?

Creativity is a combination of noticing, imagining, reframing, improvising, making connections, and finding alternatives. Creative Everywhere strengthens all those skills!

If you get stuck while doing exercises today, experiment with this: start speaking stream-of-consciousness.

Just look at the exercise and keeping saying whatever comes to mind, even if it’s “I don’t know what to say” or “I don’t know where to start. Say out loud anything that you’re reminded of, anything that’s related.

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